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I have always enjoyed a variety of fitness activities growing up, but it was in college when I started running and learning hatha yoga. I pursued my yoga practice and even purchased books to deepen my knowledge. Over the years, life happened, and my time was quickly filled with work and family commitments. It was not until the loss of my parents that I realized and appreciated the benefits of exercise. That was over 25 years ago, and I have not looked back.

Hi There, I’m Susan

Yoga has become particularly important to me as a great way to cross train for upcoming 5K, 10K, ½ marathons and full marathons. With daily and weekly practice, I began to understand how yoga helped stretch and strengthen my muscles, relax and control my breath, clear my mind and create greater focus. I completed my 200 hour vinyasa yoga training in 2015, and hold certifications in the following: vinyasa, restorative, yoga sculpt and yoga for runners and chair yoga. In 2020, I completed my training and am now a certified Tai Chi and Qigong instructor.

Yoga and physical fitness has become such an important and intricate part of me; I look forward to helping and supporting others on their own fitness journey.

Susan Mokry

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